When A Married Man Fall For You!

I was never going to believe until I went out with him for the first time together. Even though we work together, we talk and sometimes we see each other...I have no feelings for him at all. When we went to one of the park and begin to talk about work, family, sex, relationship and many more... there he confessed to me that he fall in love with me for the very first time since the day I join the company. I was stunned and scared as firstly he is older than me by 25 years age gap. Secondly, he is married with two kids, thirdly, I am not too sure if this is for real and prefect for me and lastly he is complete. That is what I dream for all my life if I were to search for a man but the problem is he is MARRIED! I can't destroy someone's family , NO! but I like him very much. Then we take a stroll around the park and we get very close towards each other. I was so nervous when he say he need to hug me, but I understand that he is in a deep pressure about his confession and therefore this is consider SCANDAL! He say he wants to marry me, how about his first wife? I really don't want to get involved but it is up to him to decide but right now I am staying far from him and I need to be strong as this is just the beginning.Seriously, I am  confused and I know when we loves someone, age, race and religion does not matter. What is important is that both of you have the same chemistry and be the one that make you smile every single day:)

I really need someone to tell me what to do and motivates me :)
AnnaBellaRockz AnnaBellaRockz
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 23, 2011

honey you know what to do and are already doing it..so just stay strong and away...unless you want to feel more confused and more pain..if you love him let him go he is married,if he loves you then he should step back till he knows he his free to give you all. Yes its hard ,extremely !!! BUT Stay strong xx

Thanks thenunn... really appreciate alot... I am trying to avoid him and go far from him:)