I don't know if many/any of you are religious, but I would really appreciate your prayers right now. My lover was in a bad car accident last night, he cut the main artery in his arm, his heart stopped on the operating table when they were trying to fix it, and now he's in SICU, can't breathe on his own, and only has a 50/50 chance to live. I'm losing my mind right now because I can't go to him, and I have to wait for all of my information secondhand from his half-brother because the hospital can't tell me everything since I'm not family.
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Omg this would b my worst nightmare ... I hav often thought of this situation and hav spoken to my mm about it .. I feel so bad for you my thoughts and prayers r with you I hope everything works out stay strong :( xx

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Thanks for the thoughts guys! His brother's been keeping me updated, they took him off the big respirator and put him on the smaller one, the idea being to wean him off it completely. Some of his kidney function is coming back, and he actually woke up today!

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