Keeping It Real

Ok listen up ladies.

I met my MM (married man) just over a year ago. He told me he will never
Leave his wife for me. His children are everything to him, etc, etc.
As long as I knew the score, he said.

he will not leave his wife for me, I'm ok with that.
he puts his family before me, I'm ok with that.
he makes excuses, why he can't see me all the time. I'm ok with
that too.

When he's with me (I'm not going to lie)
I love it when he throws compliments, kisses me, etc.
Mmmm. You get my drift

But I deal with him by keeping it real.....IT'S NOT REAL.
I'm worth so much more than him.

If he's bored at home thats his problem. Not my problem.
If he wants sex all the time, that's his problem to, i don't always
have to have sex to feel special.

I will not let him manipulate me. If he tells me that he'll leave,
then i let him. I will not argue. However, he still comes back on
my terms, Not his.

Why? because he's


Please girls, he's not looking for another wife.

Just think if he left his wife? I wouldn't want him, hell no...he
would cheat on me....
Confidenence Confidenence
41-45, F
May 15, 2012