Yes I Do, and It's Mutual

I am in love with a MM. Have been for almost 5 years now. But our love story began years ago when we first laid eyes on each other at the tender age of 16.  Many long years into the present fate intervened, and we were reunited. I know with every fiber of my being that we have been predestined all along. We see each other as soulmates; I am his sweetness, the center of his universe. He is my friend, my support, my lover, my confidante, my cheerleader, and my biggest fan. He  makes me feel like no other, deeply and passionately in love. We are genuinely concerned for each other's wants, needs, desires, and above all shared happiness. We inspire, encourage, and motivate each other; we bring out the best of one another. I recognize that ours is a love built upon unconventional foundations. This relationship that we willingly choose to participate in grew from a deep, tangible connection that originated over 25 years ago. Ignited by pure emotion and yearning for a joyful existence, we have found that and more in each other. We seek and receive acceptance and unconditional love that the world at large doesn't provide us. We are the keepers of each other's soul; we cherish our union equally and completely. There is nothing that can surpass what we have found together. Our love binds us together infinitely; it is undeniable. I am lucky indeed to have loved and been loved in my life. Ultimately I am most fortunate to have been blessed by the presence of this man in my world. I have known no greater joy and love in a relationship, than being in his. He is the other half to my whole; without him I am incomplete. I love him fully with all my heart, mind, body, and soul; Come what may, I always will.
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I love my MM and he says he loves me. he displays that emotion through his actions as well as his words. He has said he needs to stay with his wife untill his youngest graduates in 3 years. I intend to hold him to this. he knows that. either we are one in 3 years or I am done. I love him. will miss him. but I do not want to be the other woman. I need to be the one an only in his life.

I hope you are happy and conintin ue to find happiness with your lover. thank you for sharing story. let me know I am not alonde

wow you are so blessed to have someone like that in your life - i am very happy for you :)

Yes I am . . I am bound to this man, for life. Very fortunate indeed because it is a shared commitment . .Thank you for your kind words.

You are bound to him in all ways but the most cherished and sacred. Marriage. You must mean a lot to him. lol

aod, you are SO on point . . the world, as well as our emotions, and intimate bonds & connections are not so narrowly defined. Thanks for the support, my friend . .

@aod - it's not just me. Apparently, the MM is so narrow that he's a ... well....MM lol

you have the ability to listen to others which is a key to good commuication

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I understand your feelings my MM is 18 years older than me and currently not well and very stressed he calls me his de-stress I de-stress him simply by kissing and hugging and his body does the rest and I then have to use my hand to complete the task. Our feelings for each other are mutual too. I thought it was very one sided then one day I thought I should at least explain to mum and dad as I still live at home what was happening they were not concerned just said the usual be careful and dad surprised me by saying you do realise the feelings between you two are mutual I said really oh yes as he comes into our sittingroom he looks you straight in the eye its so obvious. We have made boundrys we will never become full lovers yes I help him out but he never touches me below the waist well apart from tapping my bottom. The rule we set was I sort him out and in return he is allowed to touch and do what ever he wants with any part from my waist up within reason but is not allowed from waist down and currently the rule is working well. Sadly it looks like the first real chance he and I will have to have time together on our own will be March. Which is a long way off at the moment.

I love how individuals attempt to rationalize/justify situations by saying oh, well, I don't let me do this or that to me. But I'll drop a hand job and steal his attention from his (most likely lonely) significant other. Even if your justifications were rational there is such a thing as emotionally cheating. You can't love to people at once. Given that, if he does in fact "love" you - it causes him to be emotionally unavailable to his wife which is wrong to her. Why would you do that to her? What has she done to you? How would you feel if you were a woman of a MM that had someone 18 years younger he was getting hand jobs from? Or would you think- "It's cool, just a hand job. What's for dinner?"

His wife takes very little notice of him stopped being there for him years ago they have not kissed in years and according to him she has not touched him below in even longer. If I was not willing to give my man what he wanted which she is not then if he could find what he wanted somewhere else then I would say fine no problem as long as you still come back to our bed each night. No he does not love me I do not love him we have an emotional attachment. I have never told him I love him and he has never said it to me. He let this all happen he could and I was expecting him to tell me to go away but he didn't. We mutually give each other something we each need. His words were what she does not know will never hurt her and if she found out he would denigh it and we would never see each other again. For now its great but I am not expecting it to last for ever.

What you wrote is so beautifully descriptive of how I feel for my MM too...
When we live with the "lack of" we are all vulnerable to this kind of situation...
It's not always easy to leave your marriage and walk with your loved one towards
a romantic
When all is said and done, to love and be loved is why we're here on this earth.
As you said -

"Ultimately I am most fortunate to have been blessed by the presence of this man in my world. I have known no greater joy and love in a relationship, than being in his. He is the other half to my whole; without him I am incomplete. I love him fully with all my heart, mind, body, and soul; Come what may, I always will."

Please message me. xo

Okay, seriously he's married. He goes home at night to another woman. You should be ashamed of yourself. Although you may have deep feelings for him. if he really loved you he would respect you enough to get a divorce. What you are doing to that WIFE of his is terrible. Sorry, but you really need to tell the wife and tell him to choose.

I didn't post this for affirmation or support. There is no right or wrong for me . . it is what it is. Everything in life is not so simple as one choice or another. . There is much more to consider than just one person or another. I'm not here to be judged . .simply to express my intense love for another human being. For now I bask in the warmth of his love, fully accepting the not-so-ideal circumstances. Time will bring closure one way or another.

aod7909 I thank you sincerely for your thoughtful insight and support. Belief is half of what gets us there !

its a funny thing, at your age I would have been even more scathing than you...
I believed that a relationship, a partnership, a marriage between two people should fulfill and be enough (I still envy people that have that kind of a perfect union...). When the marriage reaches a point of no return you have two options : leave or stay.
When there are kids in the equation, it becomes more complex. This partnership includes them, and they are always the innocents... even if they are problematic. So you have to honor your responsibilities untill they are adult, even though having an affair to take care of your deepest emotional needs with anyone other than your spouse is not part of the agreement or marriage contract, or even the spirit of marriage...
No one knows about THIS vulnerability until they find themselves in a place of no return...
Affairs have to be seen separately from serial cheating. Two people, who are in committed relationships find themselves in love with ea/o, and I don't know why, but human beings need LOVE like no other emotion.
It's the reason why we live.
Our reason of being.
To love and be loved.
This feeling sustains our health, our emotional well being, hope, motivation and more.
It's not FAIR... it's terrible to all involved. No one chooses this f-d up situation, you just have to deal with it in a sensitive way, while concealing your pain.
If there is something I have never done, is steal another woman's man. Why would anyone want to do that? It is spiteful. Right?!
But things happen when you are 20, 30 years together that make you feel alone and sad, and along comes another man that is in the same predicament, and as careful you are, you happen to fall in love, so the only thing left to do is, be discreet.
People who write here on EP, mostly do not "gloat" about these relationships, we just want to be heard because it's so very painful to know we have found love in the wrong place... it's hard to give up on, as it feels like magic... all of a sudden you smile uncontrollably, you tackle situations with confidence because you feel LOVED, you feel cherished, you feel like another human being really SEES you and is happy just knowing you.
So don't get your knickers in a knot about this, this is part of the human condition and we are mostly decent people trying to do the decent thing. Not everything in life is under control. You have to live, learn, pass it on and above all try and be empathic and kind to others. Life is not always black and white there are many shades of grey in between n.p.i.

I could not have said this any better. I don't know who these people are who come on this sight to judge. We are hear to share our experiences with others who understand. And I do, totally and completely. I love what you say, it is what it is. I hope your happiness continues for a very long time.

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