I Am Not In Love With Anyon...

I am not in love with anyone.I am not sure that i even believe in love


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3 Responses Feb 17, 2007

I thought that for years. Then something happened and now I am ok he is too old and married but what I get out of what we have is what I have been looking for all my life. So I am happy.

You don't have to...follow your heart where ever it leads!!

I have been single for 23 years. Now here I am at the age of 67. <br />
I was contacted twice in the last year by two male classmates 1100 miles away. One is married, one single. <br />
Nothing will ever happen between us - But the married classmate has made me Regretful that I did not remarry. <br />
After the hurtful divorce I covered up with responsibilities, family and materialism..<br />
Don't allow the joys of life to pass you up - until you are my age, and it is almost too late.