Something In My Brain Prevents...

Something in my brain prevents me from having feelings for people that are married.  It's like there's this switch for my emotions that clicks to "Cold" when I hear a man is married.  I can't even appreciate their outward appearance.  I can talk to them just fine but it's absolutely impossible for me to even get anywhere beyond casual friends with a married man.
theophania theophania
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7 Responses Feb 18, 2007

I think thats okay .... you're trying not to cross any boundaries.

I was like that for years but something changed in me this year and now I feel different about it. No I would never dream of jumping into bed with him thats why he has a wife but if he is willing to show me other affection as he is then I am happy to have it.

Well mostly married men hit on me, like all the time. Then it's like oh ok hi how are you, then they say oh I'm married.

That's great! I think I echo the sentiments of others who have commented here. It's hard when he hits on you. I try to remind myself that the wedding band is a stop sign, but now that I am so mad about him, I am like the others here who spend their lives in turmoil. Once you drink the koolaid, it's hard to go back. I'll definitely be more careful in the future if I meet another married man who seems interested in me!

You are one lucky girl. I used to be that way until I met him, now my world is in a big turmoil cause he is my boss he is married and he feels the same way for me, and its really hard trying to keep away from each other! it sucks big time!!

I am proud of you. Don't ever change. It has only been four months for me (being in love with a married man) - but I am working my way through this - and I definitely will not let my emotions go in this direction again. It is not worth it, it is a waste of time, it saps you of everything that is of importance.

good on yer! I used to be that way, not just married men but any guy in a relationship .... until one of them, a friend, started hitting on me out of the blue. we didn't sleep together but it's gotten pretty close and we're both having trouble moving on. I wish things could go back to being as clear-cut as they used to be.