I'm In Love With A Beautiful, Sexy, Married Woman

Last Sunday marked the 1-year anniversary of my meeting this BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, Woman Online via Twitter.

The problem: She's MARRIED!!!!!!

The woman, Candace, is 10 years older than me & has been happily married for 15+ years to a retired Pro Hockey Player, Val, with whom she has a trio of kids (a teen daughter who JUST became a High-School Freshman & 2 pre-teen boys ages 10 & 12) and lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Out of respect for Candace, I DON'T talk very much to her because I DON'T wanna do anything that could CAUSE a permanent rift between us (as friends), yet despite the fact that she's MARRIED, Candace has helped me accept the reality that my college crush, Amy, is NEVER coming back.

It's like this: 6 1/2 years ago, when I met Amy in college, I KNEW that she was the one I was meant for, and though an initial error in judgment on my part (similar to stunts I'd pulled on girls as a teenager) could have ended things unhappily between us, in the end, Amy forgave me for the error, and in the process, I too was able to forgive my own self for all that had gone wrong for me since I was an 11-year-old boy.

On the downside, though, since Amy forgave me, I started feeling extremely remorseful for all that had gone wrong for me, from being severely abused as an 11-year-old boy after a group of young boys in my class were told by our female teacher to hold my penis for me as I tried peeing, to a different female teacher always getting me into trouble EVERY DAY, 9 out of 10 times for NO REASON, in 7th grade, to my pre-Amy high-school crush Lauren ******* me over weeks prior to our high-school graduation, upon learning through the annual yearbook, with ZERO prior knowledge, that Lauren was both seeing AND premaritally fornicating a guy a year older than us named Matt, who shes SINCE married AND has a 2-year-old daughter with.

As if THOSE weren't horrific enough, my mom was admitted to a local Hospital in my hometown an hour Southeast from the Georgia coast, only to be transferred to the Hospital an Hour away, 24 hours later, where the doctors discovered the Hometown Doc damaged her left foot below the knee beyond repair--and was forced to amputate the foot.

Those last 2 experiences led me to, among other things, my own Hospital admission for Psychiatric problems in connection with the Double Whammy situation, but not even THAT admission was enough, because I tried Suicide 6 weeks after the Hospital admission--ironically less than 24 hours AFTER a Civil Court case involving me and Lauren.

But back to the topic: I didn't start feeling ANY remorse over the above experiences until AFTER Amy forgave me.

Earlier this Summer, the friendship between me and Candace has expanded to the world of Facebook, but despite the fact that, like I said earlier, Candace is LONG married, I feel SO compatible with Candace, and to me, it's more than JUST an Infatuation, it's EVERYTHING.

I became a devout Christian at age 21, right after Amy forgave me, and soon after losing my Grandma Dot in January 2009, my faith has grown stronger through the evangelical TV preachings of a preacher named Kirk.

In fact, it was soon after Dot died that I discovered that, like I said earlier, that Candace, who I met September 2, 2011 via Twitter, is his Sister, along with the above information, through Kirk's official site, about Candace living in Ft. Lauderdale like I said earlier in this post.

Upon seeing the picture of Candace and her family of 5 on Kirk's official site, I KNEW I had to meet her someday; THAT day came on Twitter on September 2, 2011.

I'll be honest with you readers: in the year since our 1st meeting, despite her being Married, I've PROUDLY fallen MORE AND MORE in LOVE with Candace to the point of Sexcerising for her sake (in case Candace & I EVER cross paths in real life, which I'm not in any rush for, but if it DOES happen, I'll WELCOME that).

On a related note, I ALSO met Kirk via Google + last year and WE are Facebook friends too.

Anyway, folks, if you folks have any SIMILAR experiences, PLEASE feel free to respond to this post
dannyhoo dannyhoo
26-30, M
Sep 5, 2012