I fell in love with a woman who is married and much older than me. Her marriage is on rocks and it pains me to see how much she loves her husband and yet that man doesn't know how lucky he is.

He treats her just like another being. Doesn't care for her feelings, raises his voice at her and despite how much effort she puts in to make herself prettier and look younger, he still doesn't give her another look.

Whenever i see the tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks, i wish i can stretch my fingers and wipe them away. I wish she can give me a chance to give her happiness. I don't want anything from her, i just want her to be happy. But in her mind, i m just a good brother who is always there for her.

Tried to hold her hands once, but she immediately pulled away.

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Mate, if she is unhappy now, the worst thing you could do is jump in and start confusing her emotionally. If their marriage is over, let it end without your help, perhaps she needs help doing so, give her advice, thats cool, but dont complicate her situation by bringing infidelity into their union. What feels good isn't always the right thing to do, and I dont think you should start your relationship of in that manner. You will always have that on your conscience. If you really love her you'll want her to be happy, happy doesn't necessarily mean with you. Besides, you dont know that after she leaves her husband for you the two of you will be happy forever. I'm just saying, dont be that guy. Hope that helps. Coming from a guy who loved a married woman that actually loved him back. Peace.

dalliance with her some more. she will eventually give in to you and then pleasure her hard and long. good luck.