She Wont Leave Me Alone.

well Im not sure I want her to. Her marriage was on the rocks and I pushed her back into it by letting her know all the bad things I have experienced since my divorce. The only problem is, that since we started seeing each other on a different level, other than the gym where she works, we have something that I cant explain. I havnt, and she hasnt pushed things to an irreversible level, but she stays with me overnight atleast 2 times a week, and makes sure she catches up with me everyday.
Theres more than friendship, like the I miss you's when she leaves, and how hard it is not to take things further.
It's inapropriet, I know. But I just cant push her away. She's great, really great and we share this common bond that you only find once in a lifetime.
Iv'e made a pact to myself, that in no way am I going to destroy someones marriage, Its happend to me, and I will never do it to someone else.
So I suppose I will live the rest of my life knowing that the perfect one was just within arms reach forever.
A truly hard and confusing concept.
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I think your right, we both are, and using the excuses that we manafacture to condone it are just as wrong. Its going to be like saying to your best friend that you dont want to see them anymore, becouse there is more than friendship.<br />
How do I get myself into this crap?<br />
It's really going hurt her when I do, but what else do you do.<br />
wrong is wrong, and thats it.

you already have started to destroy their marriage, she sounds like she is having an emotional affair