Quite By Accident

There was, at one point, a moderately upscale hotel that held a very cheap and popular happy hour. This place tended to attract white collar women in their 30s-50s. Because my friends and I were in our early twenties (and I was doing some minor modeling at the time), we were rather a hit.

One night this petite, chubby, cute little red-head pulled me out to dance and got quite physical right off. She was one of the older women, perhaps fifty, but was very well dressed and nicely curvy. She was also most intoxicated. We ended up ******* in a ladies room stall, rather clumsily and then going to one of her friends houses where she soon passed out.

We got together again the next Friday, and both of us managed to stay sober enough to give her friends guest bed a nice workout. After that, though we lost touch. A year or two later, I met an little redhead, this girl about my age, and she took my back to her place -- which was her parents house. She got up and left in the morning without waking me, which was considerate, but a bit disorienting. I got dressed and was leaving when I stumbled across her mom in the kitchen.

Her mom, the horny professional from happy hour. Who, it turns out had listened to her daughter and I ******* hours before.

Now, this had the potential to be very unpleasant. But, turns out that Mommy was quite the horny ****. She said something about her daughter having good taste in men, then came over and started kissing me. Which led to her tasting her baby's **** juice on my face -- an amazing turn on for both of us apparently.

She started opening my pants, but I stopped her and took her to her daughter's room. I had her sniff the damp spots on the sheets, and that was all it took. We ****** like animals in her daughters bed while I told Mom exactly what daughter and I did and she acted it out. Absolutely incredible.
LordCuntMaster LordCuntMaster
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012