Alot of Fun At Nude Beaches

I really love nude beaches, the freedom from clothes, full tan, the sights,like watching girls play volley ball naked. After getting used to the nude beach scene I started to get bolder, and got into the activities. Volley ball, surfing, jogging, ect. Now, there is a sexual side to nude beaches. The gay guys are pretty obvious about it. I've watched two girls also getting HOT. Many people playing with themselves letting you watch all you want.  Couples getting it on. A pretty arousing place . I said in one of my earlier stories,(Same sort of different...) I promissed to share more sexy adventures,  One day while walking the beach, I was following a group of Orientals, doing the tourist thing taking pictures,now they were dressed, nudity is not required.There were four girls and two guys. But as we moved along, I noticed that as they saw some nude person comming down the beach towards them, The girls would step ahead of the guys,and turn back to pose for a picture, capturing the nude person in the shot. So after confirming this ,by watching them, I picked up the pace and caught up with them. Soon learned only two spoke english, the others were visiting the U.S.A. for the first time, and the nude beach was a new thing for all of them. I offered to pose with them, they were Very happy, with that offer. So I stood with the girls,arms around two of them at their shoulders,I'm  6' tall. Now I was already a bit aroused, and growing erect, and they were noticing. I suggested more poses, "yes,Yes " came the answer.So I said one at a time, I stood with my tool pressed against their side about at the elbow. This got me harder quick. They started to look more closely at my tool, and I suggested they get a picture ,of each girl holding it. The guys were clicking away, and didn't want to be in any pictures, Glad of that. One of the girls must have never held a **** before, maybe more of them too. This one was giddey with laughter and was squeezing real hard. this almost made me ***.  The one girl that spoke english, said "will you *** ***?" I said You know how ? she said "yes "She grabbed my **** and stroked it with fierce  energy, Then she spit on it, and kept going, the other girls were close enough to breath on it. I was done , couldn't hold off any more, and came with a spray effect that seemed to favor one of them, followed by several spurts, that went everywhere due to the vigorus rubbing. I think they all got some on them. one got a big gob on her arm. and treated it like a treasure, showing the rest. I said I need to go for a swim. they were all Very Sankful for me pose with them. As they walked on I noticed the one with the gob, was still saving it. I returned to my towel. and slept for an hour. What a drain on the emotional system, When I woke up ,I at first thought it was a dream.But my **** was sore and when I returned to walking, this couple got up and came over to me saying do you want to see the pictures we took. earlier, I didn't know the pictures were of me, untill I saw them.Never noticed others were watching, they said about eight or ten were watching and taking picts. I asked them to e-mail me copies, but they never did.

nuderudy nuderudy
Mar 26, 2009