We all need more love and kindness for our fellow man. When passing someone on the street, we do not know that person’s trouble, his heartaches, or his burdens. Maybe a quick good morning or hello may put a small smile on their face. Opening a door for someone may do the same, and you may even find a smile for yourself. I think they may pause for a second and think, that was nice of you. It may even encourage them to do the same, and pass those small gestures onto others. It seems the more we do for someone else the more we do for our self. Sometimes doing things for others may bring us happiness and makes you feel good about our self. We should start the day with something that helps another get through with their day, even if it isn’t any more than a smile and a wave of the hand. And they may just remember us for it.

blueguy blueguy
51-55, M
Dec 25, 2006