I think up and collect URLs (domain names).  Right after 9/11 (2001), I wanted to obtain but it was taken.  Someone had just a placeholder up there so I looked up who owned the name and asked him (Randy) to at LEAST put up a Message Board.

He wrote back that I wasn't the first to suggest it, and so he did.  It was pretty cool "talking" and collaborating with other people who wound up on the site just by thinking up the domain name, "World Peace."

The Message Boarders were from all different backgrounds, some were even from the Middle East.  We shared ideas and ideals and there was even a category on how the World Trade Centers should be rebuilt (I said ROUND, with a spiral slide on the outside of it to be used in case of emergency).

There were MANY different opinions about ALOT of stuff, it was such a great site, I wish it was still up.

Now Randy has the site forwading to Neil Young's website.



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thanks for sharing.