I Love a Peaceful World

I Love this beautiful planet. Nature especially is so beautiful and divine. Life is too beautiful. But some how mankind has not been able to appreciate it. War has been a part and parcel of our history. Kings fought, then countries fought, then there was the world wars and now it is more of terrorism. Terrorism kills innocent people. People who are not associated in anyway, yet paying a huge price because they happen to live in particular country or region. Isn't this bad? Isn't this cruel?

Why isn't rulers and administrators don't understand? Why isn't the terrorist understanding the fact that violence and dead can breed more violence?

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1 Response Sep 15, 2006

I dont understand why BBc and CNN and and the mass in the world forget that United stated and west helped Sadam Hussain to do the all the massacres and war on Iran, whay all espacially united States are not blamed and exicuted, espacially, ,America is alwaways calling the shots wheather when Sadan as ameriican friend , , and is is happening even as to day in Irak as american accupied land, happening same attrocities, and America glorifying, sooner or latter these american puppete in Irak now will face American Justice similar to Sadam hussain,,<br />
America is and has always supported Dictaters ans Shah against the will of population. But america keep them in power. soon the pupet dictators turn agaist Ameri line they will face the American wrath, Never A pro American regiems are accused of Human right woilations, because that is how doble standards countinue to be powerful similar to Hitler, or masolini, and binladins ,and Pinochets, while America has emerged as world dictator, and in United nations. <br />
Wold will never be sae as lond as America and it gang bullies the world in oppsitint the real solution and justice to the reason and the problems that caused the opposition to west and America.<br />
And America and west in general cant feel total scure as long as rest of the poor and and advarsaries of America dont feel safe from the west:<br />
American od powerful nation who call the shorts cant for ever spit against wind and in every direction, to make a world a better place, America must do real juctice to real causses to grief and hate so to win the hearts and minds of suffering masses cause by evils of capitalism and American policies. so that majority of masses freed from suffering of pro American dictators and accupation in the name of fake democracy amd hopelessnes and the virus of anti western<br />
world could be safer and a better place is America take the side of real justice and wictim

I believe America is just beginning to pay for the the endless damage they have caused the world.Their main industry is war or murder.Any excuse to start a war, you can bet America will oblige.I find it amusing when American soldiers get killed and in fact Australians.If you pretend for what ever reason to engage in this horrible business then cop the result.War is primitive and and extension of uncontrolled male testosterone and unless our shores are invaded, I believe we have no business in taking part in murder.American history is horrendous when you see how they cut off the feet of the African slaves,committed genocide against the American Indians.The bastards have bombed over 20 countries since the 2nd world war.You will see a lot of freaky stuff happening to America from hear on!Read the book called "Mary's message to the world". by Anny Kirkwood and you will see how accurate the prophecies are. Even the falling of the twin towers is mentioned.The only part that annoys me is all the religious business but it is compelling reading.The peace on earth will soon come but there will be a lot of destruction and major catastrophic shifts as well as millions to die before people will be brought to realize we need to live in peace.I don't believe in god but there are forces of good and evil and the earth is rebelling big time.I love plants and animals and particularly animals .They are so unconditional and loving.If only people respected them the world be a lovely place.