Hes Gone....

So its been months since i have wrote on here. and the last time i wrote on here Zane was leaving September 17th, well his ship date got moved up to august 27th and he left two weeks ago :(

This really sucks. i didn't realize how hard this would be. i got two letters though! they were both short though. i just wish i could talk to him like i used to be able too. im scared he is gonna be different when he comes back!!

but i just can't wait to see him graduate!! if anyone could give me tips on how to cope with him being gone it would be great!!

and what to expect at family day and graduation would be awesome too :)

thanks so much!!
laurenaperrine laurenaperrine
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

I'm in the same boat my boyfriend is just starting week 8 this week. and time does fly! keep super busy and know theres alot of supportive people out there.

thanks alot!!! yeah he is officially in week 7..... and hes in the field right now so i havent heard from him in a little over a week... but this website really helps alot :)