Cowboy Up!

Our town could cancel my birthday, Christmas and a whole lot of things from the events calendar and I would not care. BUT! Rodeo time is one thing I would really miss if they did. For the week before, our little town comes to life for the three day rodeo we have.

When I was younger I took on all kinds of challenges including the Rodeo circuit. I was not very good at letting people get close to me but I made a lot of good friends when I rodeo'd.

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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Yeah it has been a long time no chat. I took the avatar out of this group because for a time I decided I did not want my face in the pics. Then I changed my mind. It's a girl thing, you know how it is.<br />
I took a pic of my saddle and riding gear yesterday to post here, but it didn't work out like I hoped it would. I am going to take it again the next time I feel the urge to take pic's.

When I first wanted to buy a horse I ran around asking all my cowboy and cowgirls friends what to get.; The kind of horse that stood out among all the others was 'stallion' and the word that made it stand out was 'don't. So I bought two. The first was a stock horse stallion with 'Abby' bread into his name, and the other was a quarter horse.<br />
The stock horse was broken in so I began the rodeo circuit on him. The other I had to break in, as well as a little sprinting quarter horse filly I got. Both the stallions were very young when I got them, so I stabled them together. They had play scraps as young colts do, but in all the time I had the two of them, no serious fights at all. They floated together, ate together and even drank out of the same water troth. Both of them were also very well behaved around the mares.<br />
For those who don’t know horses; keeping two stallions together is a big no-no. But I got them both while they were very young, and growing up together they got along just fine. <br />
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