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Oh My God He's Awesome

scotty, you know I'm talking about you. He's really sweet, not to mention hilarious. He seems to have a strange number of accidents, but my god. this guy is so ALIVE! he is one of my best EP friends. And he is one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen. If I knew this group existed, I would have joined sooner. Scotty, this one's for you. thanks so much for being my friend! ^_
iamstillhuman iamstillhuman 18-21 2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

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:P I can give you spelling lessons! :)

lol thx smart @$$ :)

c: You like it! xD


:D Yaaaaaaay I'm special! :D *hugs* C:<br />
<br />
Thank you muchly kind sir ^.^<br />
Thats mah fanceh talk :D

you are verey welcome. You deserve it, and I mean every word.

Omg I misspelled very. Wow.

it happens to the best of us haha