Wonderful Awakening

This morning I awoke to Scotty. He was gently rubbing my cheek and kissing my forehead, checks, ear, and nose. He was vocalizing his love and contentment. I look forward to waking up with Scotty every day.


Mello Mello 26-30, F 9 Responses Sep 23, 2008

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They sleep with Blue and I. We need a bigger bed. Seriously... I'm not sleeping well worrying about squishing them and pushing Blue off the edge and keeping from falling off myself. It was small with two people. Now with two people and two cats it has down graded to tiny.

he is!!!

He loves to play as well.

he looks like a sweetie...

His sister is Mckenzie. She's a doll. She slept on my tummy all last night.

Well he better watch out, Your mine,,,,

I'll put Scotty in the yard...

hehe. the other one loves me more though. I helped her eat. Long story.

It was an adorable moment! He did the same thing before bed last night.

I first though you meant a Scotty dog, them maybe Scotty from "Beam me up Scotty" although he passed away.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Nice and sweet, I liked that.

He's a lot bigger now. :P I wish I knew him when he was this size. His tongue is so adorable in this picture.