First Kiss?

I remember the first time I kissed just about everyone in my life... even in my drunken stuper i remember everyone... specially that first kiss...its something beautiful... sometimes clumsy..but yet so memorable..and i can't remember my scotty... it bothers me..and i've tried and tried to think of it... and i can't...

why can't I remember it? and it seems to plague my its some dark omen that i'm not suppose to be in this ... but then i remember other little things... the way he just stares at me..and randomly picks up cookies for me wherever we go...or how he is obsessed with tickling me even though i hate it... i love that he can't be mad at me...and the magic word is "bubula"... i love his chewbaca impressions even the light saber one with his ****

so if i remember so many of the other moments..why can't i remember this one kiss? maybe its because we're always saying goodbye and i can always remember the goodbyes...

RocknRose RocknRose
26-30, F
Sep 6, 2007