I Love My Scotty

I would like to say that today...today i dont ******' apoligize for ****... i'm tired of walking around on egg shells thinking what's going to be insulting ..including the ep crowd here... so **** it!

ok now that i got that out of my system...

I love my Scotty... I guess you can say i'm engaged... its usually customery to ask the bride's parents ..but in my case i got myself a special one who asked his parents...lol I got a nice congratulatory email from his father...so although, there is no ring and i haven't been formally asked... I'm pretty sure i'm engaged... looks like i finallyed bagged me a frozen island native.. they come in one color but the accessories are personalized by name lol

since i'm amazingly afraid of commitment and everyone especially cookie knows I always want to run..i'm not sure how to take this event... I'm happy and yet i'm freaking out..like i should run out and lay a cop or something... its like the dying days of disco..you're not quite sure what's coming up next ..it could be great..it could be awful... I didn't think i was the marriage type... I always thought at best i'd live with a guy... maybe adopt a kid or two... or a cat.. same thing to me on most days...

I guess i'll stay put.. and face whatever is coming..I can't run forever.. although, there are plenty of service men to go around.. NO NO BAD Rose... I guess i'm standing still

RocknRose RocknRose
26-30, F
Oct 10, 2007