Always Been Inspired By Sharp Dressed Men

I've always been inspired by the sharply dressed older men I knew as a boy. I've tried to emulate them as an adult and dress my best whenever I can or when the situation or event warrants it. 
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5 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Me too

Yes they do and I think I'm lucky enough to be counted among their number. I've been told many times that I look better in a suit than I do in casual clothes.

I forgot about Patrick Macnee yes he was a smart suited guy. I also was a fan of the Avengers, have you noticed how some men always look good in a suit,

For me, the ALL-TIME smartest dresser on 1960's TV was Patrick Macnee a.k.a. John Steed of "The Avengers". What a sharp man! My idol.

I have to agree with you, My inspiration was my boss Harry he encouraged me to dress smartly,also tv programmes like the saint i loved the sixties suits always imaculate ,if you watch old episodes of ironside look at the smart suits his sidekick got to wear.