Never Thought I'd Be Inlove With A Soldier

So I always said that I'd never fall inlove with a soldier! Tbh I said I'd never fall inlove at all I wasn't that type of girl to just fall inlove and I'm only 17, I never thought It was possible to fall inlove at this age... I couldn't of been anymore wrong. I met my boyfriend through mutual friends, got speaking to him more and more then he asked me to meet up. I wasn't expecting much and thought it would be awkward but there again I was wrong! I felt like I'd known him so well for years, we just clicked straight away. After about 2weeks of non stop texting and meeting up he asked me if I'd start a relationship with him. I was aware that he wanted to join the army but I thought why not, maybe it won't last anyway. However, the more I seen of him the more we liked eachother and the closer we became. Eventually it was his leaving party and we had such an amazing night, then it hit me. He was going away for his training and I had to deal with it. My brother is a sergeant in the army too so I understood what he was in for and knew that he'd be away for quite long periods of time. But I thought I'd be ok. Until l said goodbye. At first I was okay with him not being there until I started to want to tell him things, go places etc. I have plenty of friends and family but theyre not him! It was during the second week of him being away that I realised I had completely fell inlove with someone I thought I'd never do. I understand why I used to say I'd never do this but now that I have, I'd never change a thing. Because the longer he's away the closer it gets to him coming back. Yes I have my bad days but they're all worth it, he's worth it. In 10 days hes coming home and I can not wait to see him! It's only for 2 days but I don't care id wait along as I had to just to have his arms around me for one night. I hope people reading this understand that yes it's probably one the hardest of things to go through but one of the most rewarding, I believe being inlove with a soldier makes you stronger and you truly realise how much your partner means to you..
Sophseynicole Sophseynicole
18-21, F
May 22, 2012