I Love Her Like No Other.

I found EP by accident one day. I posted my profile which is a part of me all be it a very small part.
I have made some wonderful friends. Some I would like to call close friends and they will know who they are.
I then discovered another friend. There was an instant attraction.
Her writing and feelings portrayed in her stories was so sensual. Her personality so loving and kind to others.
I felt a connection but thought my profile would put her off.
It did not.
She probed me, she gradually peeled away my mask as if she already knew the person she would find underneath.
We totally connected. We had no secrets. She knows me like no other person. She has stirred feelings in me that I have not felt since losing my first true love many years ago.
She is one of the most wonderful person I have met in this world and I thank her for the love she gave me. Sweet memories.
charlie1960 charlie1960
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4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Princess, thankyou. It was very short and intense and she is still a valued friend. I'm lucky to have you as my friend. xxxx<br />
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BF you are right and thankyou for your comments. One thing that really shines among genuine people on a site like this is there inner beauty. xx<br />
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Thanks to both of you.

it's so refreshing to know someone who can understand you fully and never judge the way you act or behave.

Thankyou Womaninbliss, I feel blessed.

that is lovely roxanne ... you are lucky to have found someone special ...