Still Missing The Bed

I am still on the love seat and who knows when I will sleep in a bed again. Sometimes during the day when he is at work I go lay in bed just to feel the comfort again. Im still missing the bed, but still saying to myself I will not go back to sleeping next to him...sigh.
soulrunher soulrunher 41-45, F 3 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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Mother you should kick him on the couch or just get rid of the bed all together!!

LOL...thanks sweets, I will consider that. :)

Get you self a sleigh bed....

Have you thought about getting a bigger couch, maybe?

Smart ***...excuse me honey I need you to go buy a bigger couch so I can stay as far away from your *** as possible....should I say it like that? :)
We have a bigger one but its downstairs next to his room and I know it sounds crazy, its too close to him. Plus its freezing downstairs. (Another story)

I know what you mean about being too close, I also understand the freezing room. I just can't imagine forsaking sleep for space. I'd have to find some way of sleeping while he's gone or make my exit.

We also have another bed. Ive been dreaming of but its in a huge room that is also freezing. Its so funny he keeps the house miserably cold. Its just fitting for the mood, ya know? When it warms up I will sleep in there.

We keep the heaters going...the propane is a killer in the winter. Use it up like water! He cant stand it.

I'm like that, too. it could be worse, I have oil heat and a propane fireplace. oil is 3.69/ gal but propane is only 1.89/gal. I need to get the wood fireplace fix so I can start burning wood.

The propane heats the house and hit water. We don't and have never used the fireplace because its propane as well. Miss real fireplaces....sigh

I'm having a new wood burning insert installed today. I just have to buy a cord of wood.

Ok...are you trying to make me feel better??? :o Good for you! LOL

You're welcome to come here.

If I run out the door now, I will be there by lunch! :)

I'll start cooking something!

I wasn't talking about food! LOL But ok...since you offered. :)

You'll need to keep your energy levels up. :)

Two words: "Electric Blanket"

LOL...good idea :)

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