She pulled her toward her. Slammed the bathroom door; locked it, and pushed Mel up against the bathroom vanity. Kissing & breathing heavily, filling up the intensity within their minds and bodies. They faded as one, but, together, they began playing quietly at first.

The world around them replaced with the power of seduction. Their bodies touching and fondling fingers in and out of every crevice between them, they played rough as Jacki pushed her fingers into Mel's slot, slowly, but without warning. With one arm balanced, Jacki played and enjoyed the length of her fingers inside of Mel with slow, but deep thrusts with two fingers in her, then three; Jacki pushed them in and out, making sure that Mel responded to the rhythm of Jacki's breathing. Mel moaned with every thrust of Jacki's fingers Mel came quickly.

Jacki pulled Mel closer to her. Close to the very edge of the counter top just enough make it easy to lie on her back. Jacki quickly unbuttoned her jeans, ripped her zipper to reach inside of her boxers only to feel the wet and warmth of herself. Pushing and rubbing Mel's wet slot and her legs wide open, Jacki fingered Mel simultaneously. Jacki's reached her wet fingers into her jeans once more, and she pulled out her strap'n and stroked it as she came with a quick quiver and moan.
"Come here, I want you to step down; turn around, facing foward," Mel move quicky as Jacki continued stroking in anticipation.
"Now bend over, baby. I want you from behind." Jacki help her lean forward slightly, and slowly inserted the head in slowly, then deeper into Mel's hole. Mel moaned again and again as Jacki drilled deep inside of Mel. Thrusting deeper, harder, and faster, Jacki began moaning as she held Mel by her hips pumping and thrusting,
"Oh Godn more! more!" She yelled. Jacki pumped deep insider with a quick hard thrust,
"You like that, baby?"
"Yes." Mel slamming herself back against Jacki hard, the harder, they came together moaning and thrusting faster and harder releasing ecerything they had. They were so into the moment, they'd forgotten where they were; as they heard women pound and shout and cheering them as they calmed down, gathered ther belongings, unlocked, and walked out the bathroom door with slight embarrassement.
SailorsAngel SailorsAngel
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Aug 24, 2014