Emo Chicks:Natural Perfection With A Hint Of Art!

Some may say I am fussy, others prefer to say I just know what I want.

Emo Girls, the future!

I love the look of a woman who has short black hair, preferably with a small pony tail that goes to the side or behind. I love the skin to be milky or lightly bronzed. Tatoos of dragons and nightclub logos with pretty patterns, most importantly at the lower part of her back, whilst draped in light jewellry, such as ankle braclets, ankle chains, necklaces, gold or tacky ones made of lace or beads too. I like my women to range from a dress sze 6-10 and have cute handfuls of breasts, a shaven well maintained *****, a perfect little bum that looks great in black, skin tight jeans or trouser, and has very graceful moves whilst being passionate with another with the smell of Jasmine flower or watermelon.

As for personality, she must be open-minded, sexy, sassy, have a cheeky devil within and is up for life. Sex with this woman is insatiable, affectionate, graceful and unique, hopefully into blood play too..

The most important feature though, the face and smile, a clear natural complection, beauty spots, maybe a unique birth mark. Tiny fluttering green or brown eyes that just hold your gaze as if on beams of steel.

The names Teegan, Maddison or Jessica fit her posture, presence and stance.

Would love to meet more women that fit this description.

What is your favourite look of a man or woman?

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
26-30, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

lol, I know, it's mad!, a little comprimise is needed, maybe.

You know what you want, even down to the name lol