Back In The 70s...

The 1970s were a different time than today. It was the age of great rock and roll, muscle cars, and big hair. It was the age of pantyhose, and it was the decade of which I came of pantyhose age. LOL! What I mean is; it was in the 70s when I became really aware of pantyhose. I mean REALLY aware. Aware of them on women, and also aware of them on girls my own age. And eventually, aware of them on me. But I digress...It was in 6th grade that I remember girls in school first started wearing pantyhose. And the best part...the girls wanted to wear pantyhose! I think it was about feeling more grown up.

Regardless, I loved it. And I know a some of the guys reading this who are close to my age (I'm 49) are thinking back to middle school when we were about 12, and saying, "yeah, I remember that."

I had an 8th grade english teacher, who was also my home room teacher. She was hot. Pretty blonde, tall, great legs, wore tight, knee length pencil skirts, always wore pantyhose (even with slacks) and high heels. And of course, my hormones were raging. There were days I walked out of the classroom with my books covering my hard on.

In high school, on those day in which a girl chose to wear a dress or skirt, she would most likely wear pantyhose and heels. I don't remember seeing a lot of bare legs. As for the formal dances during high school, I can't think of any girls who did not wear pantyhose with their dress.

That was back in the 70s. Today, it's a different story altogether.

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I'm sure you had lovely legs to begin with and the pantyhose were simply the whipped cream and cherry on top!