Is It Hot In Here Or Just Me

Back in the late 70's my first wife and I were to meet some friends at this out of town bar. I knew that one of the guys that would be their my wife had kinda a crush on him. The ladies had decided to wear their skirts that night. That was back in the days when women wore mini skirts and pantyhose. My wife Debbie always liked to wear her minis with no panties on under them just her sheer to the waist pantyhose. When she finished getting ready and walked into the living room she looked great. Sure enough she had her red mini on. One of her shortest and sexy sheer to the waist pantyhose along with just a white tank top that you could see she was not wearing a bra. As she turned around in the living room to let me give her one of the all over looks she lifted her skirt up in back if anything to let me know it was sheer to the waist for sure and no panties. She waited for my aproval which I most definetly gave her. We arrived at the bar and were having a good time. A very good time as it was hotter than heck in their as the air conditioner had gone on the fritz. All the girls looked great in their minis and hose but I do believe Beck looked the best. As the night went on and yes that guy was their both my wife and I were feeling no pain especially Becky.We were getting ready to leave and I was thinking of the good time at home running my hands and **** up and down here nyloned legs. She had driven me crazy all night thinking off this as I had done it some in the bar. Anyway as we were leaving I just had kind of mentioned to her that she seemed to be paying enough attention to Brian, the other guy as he could not keep from looking at her legs and boobs which were very much visible now thru her damp shirt making her nipples stick out even more. By now we had made our way outside to this deck with a ramp that led to the parking lot. My wife spun around in mid step and proceeded to chew my *** telling me that it was none of my business how often she talked to anyone or what she wore. She said I can go out nude if I want to.As I was getting ready to reply to her She reached down and with one smooth action pulled her tank top off over her head and threw it over the railing. I glanzed down to she my wife's 38DD **** out and proud. I ran down the ramp to retrieve her shirt and as I was bending over to pick it up I herd something hit the ground next to me. I looked up to see Becky had taken off her skirt and thrown that over the railing as well. I picked the skirt up also as I turned I saw my beatiful wife walking down the ramp to the parking lot to the car nude except for her pantyhose and heels.Being pissed off as she walked her big boobs were bouncing even more plus due to the fact she was in heels and basicly nude. I caught up with her at the car their were two couples just going into the bar they all let out trheir aproval my wife just smiled and waved giving the guys a little boob shimy. I unlocked the door of the car and handed her the clothes which she threw right out again. Saying again she could be nude if she wanted to. All right no need for a fight. Besides I was turned on and my swollen erection needed out. So. I figured what the heck I walked over to the driver's side door and ******** all my clothes off getting into the car. She asked what I was doing and I replied I can be nude also when I feel like it. We went driving around for a while Beck took off her pantyhose and heels and we both just loved the feel of being naked in the car. That was the start of many years of driving nude. Plus like they say. Make up sex is the best.
nudedriver nudedriver
51-55, M
Jan 9, 2013