Its About Time, Feed Me!

   I've been with my wife for nearly 5 years now.  Since we met I was always the one doing all the cooking.  I would get home from a 12 hour shift and I come up with brilliant ideas or themes for the month.  I buy fresh products/veggies and scout the market for cheap prices. Normally I end up at a local Farmers market.

    Once in a while I would time off from my duty and let her do the cooking.  I could have starve if i didn't sneak in a few bites of junk food or just glide my way into a Burger king drive-thru.  I think she did it on purpose so she would have to cook.  The recipes are right there, and I was there to assist in any way safe and form.

   so i gave up on that brilliant idea.  The beginning of the year was rough, since we were at separate ways in our marriage.   I think one thing that help save it was the fact that she understood how much my skills were.  It was a form of art, science and patience boiled into one.  My favorite shows involve anything with food. 

    I started a solo gig on a Filipino item called lumpia.  From there as one friend invented the idea of making him some for his family, it jump started a mini cater on the side.  So some times i don't have time to make them and she had to jump in.  But it didn't start off that way.  Last year I couldn't even get her to peel the potatoes.

    Now after several tries and errors of burning the rice, learning measurements that you can't use with regular tools. And to smell the food, to taste what you make, she is becoming a good cook.  Not great enough to be on her own, but she's getting to it.  So this topic goes out to her. For the misery i went through making her gain over 50 pounds, to this moment where I can vision what she is trying to do for herself.  Thank you.  Boy I just love a woman who knows how to cook. I smile a few times now.  

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Hey, patience pays off, don't it? LOL I love when my husband cooks, I just hate the mess afterwards. He cleans up but............It's not clean! LOL I love to cook. It's almost a passion!