My Preference For A Bush

As a woman, I much prefer having a"big bush", than be shaven.
I use to shave 20+ years ago, but as it grew back, it was just down right itchy and uncomfortable, but I still kept shaving.
When I met my first husband,he much preferred hair, so I let it grow back and I found that it added to our s-ex life greatly.
After we parted, I thought about going back to shaving my bush, but then I recalled the itchiness of it growing and having to constantly shave it, so I decided to keep my bush.
When meeting my new husband, I asked him if he would prefer me to be shaven or natural. He said that it was my choice, so I kept my bush.
My bush is a lot more hairier now than before I starting shaving it 20+ years ago.
I love to play with my bush and I find that its a turn on when I have the odd encounter.
When my girlfriends and I have a girly weekend away, I admit that I love to see them with big bushes, just like mine.
JustMe4u JustMe4u
41-45, F
4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

wonderful story....lucky husband to have a lady like you

I started growing my bush out a little over a month ago and I'm so excited to see how it looks fully grown. I can already see it coming out of my panties. I also don't plan on trimming it down when I go to the beach next year. I think It'll look kinda sexy coming out of my bikini.

bush is beautiful. my wife now has a small because she use to shave it but now i told her that i like big bushes so no she leve it hairy for me. it does feel really great and it makes me horny. she love it when im horny

Well, I feel the same. My wife grew a beautiful bush for me, and I love it so much!!! there is nothing better than seeing a dark hairy ****, and it holds the smell better, tastes better looks so sexy and hot! Oh ya! num num num. Thank god for you women that are left that grow it wild.