I Love My Big Bush

its just so much sexier, I love having hair there! X
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You just look so sexy and grown up. Wish that there were more ladies that didn't look like little girls when undressed.
The shaven pubic hair look is like mutton dressed as lamb in my eyes.

I think a nice natural bush looks very sensual on a women

Hairy girls are just so damn sexy. My wife hasn't shaved for at least 5 years and she has such a lovely thick long bush. I'm in heaven when I run my fingers through her bush or eat her out - I just love having her full bush all over my face. Mmmmm women should never shave

Women with pubic hairs are sexy.

I have always loved the "natural" look on a woman.I'm natural and also uncut. I was very surprised to see the number of women who are shaved/smooth. I love the feel of hair on my face as I go down on a woman.

I just love when a woman has hair down below.. gorgeous and hot. Not the most mainstream view so I applaud you for saying so.

sounds hot !

There should be more girls who can confess it. Say no to a shaved bush :)

It is so much sexier for a woman to have hair there!

Yeah, you bet! Add me as a friend. I want to see that lush bush.

I love it too!!


I agree totally. The hairier the better.

Me too.............I love nuzzling in the thick curls............inhaling the wonderful scent..........mmmmmm............please.......

I love a big bush!

i love your big bush wish to have more

I too love my hair there:)

It's beyond me, Mark. That's a question I've been asking myself for about a decade or so, ever since the female gender has felt a need to follow the fashion trend and started to scale back their bushes in the late 90s. For awhile I was thinking it was a generational thing and that I was from a generation where girls couldn't wait for their bushes to grow in so they wouldn't look like they were 12 and they didn't want to look like they were. Now days, it seems they want to get back to looking like that. But I've begun to take heart that all may not be lost, because I've found some younger guys that like women that look like women and not like little girls. Now the trick is... those younger guys just have to convince the female gender that the little girl look is way past old. A task that may not be easily accomplished, as girls through women don't tend to listen much to us in that sense. I mean... how many guys have told their girlfriends or wives that they like their hair on their head just the way it is, but they go ahead and dye it or even worse cut it into a new style that we just hate and give us the reason "I did this for ME" or "I needed a change." How many guys out there have heard those excuses?

I am tired of shaved *******. Why do women think they need to do that?

I love your big bush too as well as the pictures I have seen!

So you dont shave then ?

Thank you for not shaving......i too love a big thick hairy bush!

I love it too.wish all women were hairy .I love the feel and it looks so sexy to see a big bush between a womans legs.Thank you for not shaving.

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I say go for it, people tend to be jealous of people they envy. In this case, they envy your care-free attitude.<br />

would to lick ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I would really love to see it, or feel it - with my face. I get so frustrated when my wife shaves hers!

On a scale of 1-10 how big lol?