Always Been Happy With Hairy!

I've loved hairy p**** from my very early dabblings with the fair sex.

My first girlfriend and I were beginning to explore each other very slowly over a period of many weeks; we were both so naive we really had very little idea of what to expect from each other aside from a little fumbling here and there.

My girlfriend had a pair of dungarees and I remember slipping my hands through the sides, moving my fingers down gently. The sense of electricity I felt when I touched a whisp of pubic hair protruding from the top of her knickers is with me to this day.

She would not let me explore any further 'south' at that time but we did later. She had a wonderful hairy p**** for one so young and I treasured the feel and texture of her beautiful bush.

Some years later I was with a girl who was pretty uninhibited. One day she ******** off to unveil she had totally shaved her pubic region, thinking I would find it a turn-on. While the thought she had done that for me did get me going, her new bald look just was not the same. Going down on a shaved p**** just does not compare with the taste and sweet aroma of a hairy ****.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I'm with you! hairy smells so much better, num num.