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I was with a younger woman recently and it was our first time together. She was in her late 20's and very attractive with long dark hair.

As I slid down her panties I was so pleased to see a very full bush, one of the biggest I have ever seen. She seemed surprised that I liked it so much, but I think she eventually came to realize that I really did appreciate it. She assumed that because I was older, that many women would have a full bush, but I told her that was not the case. She considerecd it funny that more mature women would shave, but I told that in fact many of them did.
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In Japan and other Asian countries, the unshaved - natural look is most definitely the norm and I think thy have absolutely got that right.

Before the nineties arrived all the adult magazines displayed those gorgeous thick mounds of pubic hair.Then something happened:( and then all models regardless of age or body shape began shaving.Personally I LOVE the full thick bush,just lightly trim the sides for me.TY

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There are a lot more guys out there than you think. Most are afraid of admitting to their lover that they prefer a natural look.. There are guys that can please a woman just as much with bush as without a bush.<br />
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Trust me on that. You can do more with a bush than a shaved look IMO.<br />
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I never shaved completely until I was in my forties but had shaved my bikini line so that I wouldn't show in a bathingsuit out of respect for myself and my children. However I became serious about finding a lover I found that out of the gentlemen I talked with most require their lovers to shave. I am glad there are still men who prefer natural, but I fear that they are as few as the full bushes they seek. I think for most it is a preference for oral and I have to admit it feels better because I can feel every touch of his tongue or fingers against my skin when the bush prevented that connection. I also found that since my life exist mainly on self gratification the toys didn't get tangled in it as they had before. I would have no problem in going natural if I had a lover who preferred it and was man enough that I could throw my toys away!

I don't know why the 'Brazilian' look has taken hold so much. A big bush is SO MUCH SEXIER!! You can run your hands through and play with it... The tactile experience takes my breath away.<br />
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I have urged all the women I have had relationships with to let their pubic hair grow... Sadly, they were all shavers. Not down to the bare skin in some cases, but not enough for me to run my fingers through.

If I date a girl, I'll tell her to grow it out. If she doesn't, well there are other fish in the sea. I am so adamant about it that I'd keep searching until I find one. <br />
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I don't know if most people know, but in Japan or many Asian countries for that matter, having a bush is an 'in' thing. A shaven ***** is taboo. So when I make my trips to Asia, it's usually very exciting.<br />
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Thank goodness for Asia! ;)

Yes... you are right. It is a rare find now days. And to guys who prefer a woman in her natural state, bush wise, it's also a disappointment and a let down when you undress her and find she prefers to look like she did when she was 12. However... I like to keep a glimmer of hope that there are more ladies out there who don't shave than we might think, as you can't tell when you meet someone whether she's natural or not. And, since her hair there is hidden from our view and it's not exactly appropriate to ask a woman if there is a "carpet" to match the drapes, it's sort of hit and miss.

It is a rare find now days .I think it is so sexy to see a hairy bush between her legs .You are a lucky man to find such a woman.

Besides being envious of you... being with a woman with a full blown bush, I'm actually surprised. Surprised that a younger woman would have any bush at all, let alone having one that's fully intact. It seems that most of the younger women shave it off and most of the younger guys want them to. She gives me a glimmer of hope that there is some hope for the younger generation. Now your point that many, or most, of the mature women shave is also valid and discouraging. Like her, I would hope that more mature women would outgrow the fashion trend, that seems to become so prominent in the last 15 years or so, with age. I'm glad you clued her in to the fact that not all of us guys like it when we discover that a woman is sporting the bald look.

Nice, I'm super jealous. Thanks for sharing.