Best Concept For a Music Video

Ok, ok, I should confess. I have only listened to Take On Me by A-ha and not a thing more. That being said, it wasn't just catchy tune that caught my ear but the music video idea of a comic book figure falling in love with a person in the real world and then challenging her to take him on was compelling. Then to bring her into his world, then risk life and limb to get her out then enter the real world himself? BRILLIANT!! Simply BLOODY BRILLIANT.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i love that song and its video too ofcourse... It was the one of the best video of 80's up to me. You should listen "Hunting high and low" and "the sun always shines on TV"... Thanks for sharing :)

I love that song too.. See have something in common. I agree on the video as well.. Small world...