Such A Flurry Of Emotions...

I can't get over the feelings I get when I am inside an abandoned place.  It is such a rush, yet so calming.  The sense of amazement of the place and yet the sadness of such a place being left to the elements and decay.  I can't help but wonder what could make someone just walk away and leave it to crumble.  It is like stepping into another time and place for me when I am inside.  It feels like I am no longer part of the here and now of the world.  Like the place is timeless.  I always find the place eerily quiet, yet far from silent.  It is obvious who is master inside.  It is also a feeling of duty for me when I am photographing, like I may me be the voice the place will ever have to tell its tale and show it was there, and I must see all its secrets and preserve its place.  This has come to be proven for me a few months ago when I spent nearly a month exploring and photographing this pld furniture factory and wearehouse, and I was just about to leave on what was nearly a weekend ritual at the time when the phone rang and my mother told me that someone had set the place on fire the night before.  For safety reasons I would tell here where and when I would be exploring since I usually go alone.    It was heartbreaking to stand there and look at the burned out crumbling shell of what used to be a towering giant full of stories and wonder.  I literally have thousands of photographs on these forgottem beauties.
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3 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I loved your story..I agree..places like those are timeless! Good work! :)

Awesome, I got thousand of pics I took of abandoned places. It is such and adventure to me, and a disappointment when I do get to see everything they have to offer, In a way, we are saving bits of history with what we are doing

oh god, me too i went round London and foud hidden bits the otherday, came back with photos of the odd bit of tudor wall.. poking out down an alley, or a forgotten arch way above peoples heads. i love the feeling of forgotten buildings and how people just no longer notice them........just keep enjoying,youre not alone!