i LOVE abandoned places ! they're so interesting and fun yet scary too. Every year, toward the fall or around Halloween... me and my family go to the place called pilgrim state. It use to be a mental hospital back in the day. We all go there and explore around the area! It's so scary but interesting. I'm the type of person that wants some answers like "why did they shut it down?" or "what happen here?". Also we take one of my friends and play a trick on them, saying the car broke down and we all have to get out and look for help, its a really fun :D ! but me and spooky stories, places or anything with the paranormal, interests me and makes me curious. i LOVE scary myself . if you guys know any places that are abandoned, tell me... i need a new places for this fall anyways!
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Thats a great idea. I like to find abandonded houses they are hard to find but they are out there. ussally old farm steads