The Piano

In the old abandoned house there was rubbish everywhere, newspapers strewn, cans and stuff.The old stables had horses names still above the stalls "Fleet" "Majesty" and "Apollo"....The fire places wee big enough to stand upright in and the walls had peeling paper from before 1900..The most amazing thing to me was in the middle of a rubbish strewn room, with plaster free walls and leaves, bird droppings and a strong smell of decay...a piano! Incongruously sat there.. a baby grand piano.............why hadnt someone found it, taken it.....the feelings that piano exuded, of past evenings, Christmases, weddings.ill never ever forget it.....i tickled the (flat) ivory s but the noise was out of place in that house, and we didnt know if any securuty were about..The weirdest thing was a i climbed out of the window onto the overgrown terrace... i looked back and the whole room was filthy but just around the piano was all clear and it was nt in too much of a maybe someone else did know of it and looked out for it...........hopefully someone alive!
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thank you very much.i do feel im perceptive to ob<x>jects and atmosphere s .probably where my obsession with history comes in! x

What a fascinating experience!<br />
Perhaps as you have hinted in your writing you were "sensing" the history<br />
of this piano. <br />
Maybe, like a film playing in your head?!? You were very connected to your surroundings. Wonderful!<br />
Antiques and old houses do have history.<br />
How fascinating to touch something so old like this piano and think about who might have played it's beautiful keys.<br />
I felt like I was there, in the house with you by the description of your words!<br />
Beautiful story!