Abandoned Life

When you peek inside a house which has been abandoned for ages,you can feel an air of mystery. Every object in there has a story to tell. History comes alive with every object...Every nook and corner has its own history. History speaks to us over and over again but what is actually thought provoking is that, there is some truth in that history. Some truth behind the tragedy of that place.It looks like life has finally,finally stopped in those places to give a moment of its own. In those places,you are forcefully reminded of the life that once existed in those places. These places tell us that life is a trapped soul looking for a way to free itself. Everything abandoned has a bit of soul in it. Somethings are best left to the history.


heavenlysoul heavenlysoul
18-21, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

you are so right, I look at derelect places and wonder what took place there in the past. I see castle ruines and children use it as a jungle gym to climb on. Was there once kings and queens dancing in the ballrooms. Ones imagination is a gift.

This story makes me think of my gold house that life painted blue. The last time I was there every where I looked reminded me of another life abandoned or rather grown past. For people looking in it may seem mysterious. I guess the truth is if I had solved the mystery the place wouldn't be empty and abandoned.