Dog Face Bridge

True Story
I love abandoned places and i got to actually go to an abandoned/haunted bridge not to far from my house. I went with my boyfriend and his friends.When we got there we ended up running into some of my friends from school. It was quite an experience.
The story behind Dog Face Bridge is a couple was driving home one night and a dog ran in front of their car and the car ended up flipping and the body of the woman and dog was found but their heads were missing. If you go there now demonic dogs will growl and if you hear it and turn around 3 times it will kill you.
When we went i saw some shadows and heard alot of strange noises and there was noone else around because the bridges are surrounded by swamp areas. We got to the first bridge which was not fun because part of it was gone and there was a metal beam that you had to walk over to get to the other side. The 2nd bridge has been gone for awhile so you cant get over it but there was people fishing on the other side telling us about another haunted abandoned cemetary not to far from the bridges(we couldnt find it). One of our friends ended up falling she didnt get hurt...But when we were walking back to the cars,my boyfriend heard a loud growl right by his ear,he started freaking out and everyone was telling him dont look back,i heard it twice but it wasnt that loud....I told my boyfriend"dont you look back or i will kill you myself"
It was fun,but also quite scary....the end of the night my boyfriend and our friend was covered in ticks me and the other girl got lucky and didnt have any on us since we were smart and wore tight pants and long sleeve shirts.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
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Jul 14, 2012