Went To An Abandoned School...should Not Have!

I love abandoned places. There's something about stepping into an environment where everything was left and abandoned as it was for years. As a modern person, you step into a world that has frozen in a foreign time.You walk in and you see furniture left in positions where one would normally attend to. You wonder what the story is behind such a place, what kinds of people lived or worked there. Why would a place just instantly be left alone rather than torn down and making the land useful again?

In 2004-5, I accompanied a friend of mine who had done this before without me to an old abandoned school. Her was story was that she could have sworn she heard someone call her name as she left this school, but blamed it on a cow. This school does have some haunted stories, though if you did proper research, you'd probably find out it was just shut down due to lack of funds. This particular school was very popular among my high school community. I'd always hear of students driving up there and fooling around. The only threat was that the school was usually supervised by an owner of the land that broke no sweat to put a shotgun bullet through your head.

I want to try to make this as less info as possible becuase the school should really be left alone. But her father drove us to this school and we came to like this weird looking gate about four feet tall. I was so scared to jump it becuase I was fearful of that guy with the shotgun. My eyes were always far off to this other area wondering if a man would show up. The land was very overgrown but somehow clear. The road was very naked with no cars. I don't think any driver was there that whole time, otherwise her father may have been questioned by others seeing his car parked on the side of the road for no good reason.

Eventually, I was tempted to cross over and the grounds were very squishy and thick probably becuase it had just rained either hours or days ago. We were in the front lobby I guess and as we crept to the school, I found this very strange plant or flower. I took a picture of that. I spotted a dog running around yards and yards away, thinking it belonged to the shotgun dude. I did not want to advance in fear that the dog would bark or chase us. At the time, I was still scared of dogs even though I owned two of them.

We made it inside the hall of classrooms. I took various pictures and caught plenty of orbs. We stood at one end of the hall and glared down this never-ending hall that lead to a breezeway and the lunchroom. We came to the lunch room doors and glared through the opening. I saw what looked like a stove or some big machine turned over, but the place was heavily caked in dust and debris. I took a photo of this.

We were about to go down the breezeway to the gym. But I was so fearful. We actually spotted more than one dog. As we were debating, her father blew his horn and we raced down the hall so fast while giggling. We hopped over the fence and left safely.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized a few of my pictures were never saved for a mysterious reason. The weird plant I took a picture of never existed and the lunch room photo was gone. If other photos were successfully saved, why weren't the others? I read online that another person experienced this weird camera behavior from the same school.

When I look back on it now, the experience was so not worth it. I was a dumb teenager that broke the law all for a thrill and I really could have ruined my life, got hurt, or killed. I highly suggest that people do their research and see if visits are allowed or if the property is protected by the state or an owner. If you do go to abandon places anyway, Please bring a gun or some other weapon becuase you never know if crazy cult people use these places for their insane rituals. Or maybe a homeless person may live there and treat you as a threat. Every time I think about it, I get chills, realizing I had cheated an unfortunate situation. It is one of my biggest regrets ever and I will never do such a thing ever again.

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I sure like your story. I still explore many places & I do bring a gun. I have never had a problem but in this day & age you never know. A lot of places I go are out in the country & there are wild pigs & wild dogs, along with wild people. So you never know what you will find.