Decaying Productivity

I used to walk by this old abandoned factory building in south Bronx every weekend and was always intrigued by why it was still there. One day I stopped, looked to see if anyone was looking and dove in thru a huge broken window. The smell was weird, it was dusty, rusty, and completely empty except for a couple huge metal machines. I don't know what they used to do but there they sat...idle...rusting....lonely. I found things looking around, an old penny, a pencil with bite marks in it, a couple buttons, and some paper with part numbers written on it in pencil. I really liked walking thru the main part with it's 3 maybe 4 story tall was huge in there. Part of the floors were removed and you could see right up in there. People used to work here, being busy all the time, making useful stuff and supporting their family. I wonder what they made? Where are these people now? Kinda wonder if anything they made in there is still around or is it recycled into a park bench or street light pole, LOL...funny if you think about it. It used to be nonstop always in motion....not it's probably always stationary but in a different form. My imagination runs wild in these places.
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
Sep 10, 2012