The drive from my house in Quispamsis to my grandmother's in Bathurst is a long boring 4 hour trip to everyone but me. The route we choose to take contains hundreds of abandoned and run down houses. Whenever I see one, I imagine myself buying the property, and making it beautiful once again. Id imagine the decorations inside, the dark wood flooring, the small, country style kitchen, and the landscaping outdoors.

I think of all this in the split 2 seconds that my eyes can see the house before we zoom by and my eyes meet the next abandoned place. Ive thought that some day I might like to even do that as a job, I know that some people do that and sell the properties after. Ive seen shows on tv that do it actually. I just think that I'm the only person that would ever want to buy my houses because id fix them in a way that id think was cool and not according to the latest fashion or convience.

I see potential in everything, in everyone really. Its the first things I see after seeing the faults. If someone has anger problems, I see the potential of them working on that and becoming a better person, and the same with any other issue in peoples lives. I think its why i stay in relationships longer then I should. I entertain the thoughts of us being potentially happy someday and I fall in love with the future us, and not the immediate us.

I fall in love with the person they could be instead of who they are.
janealoneontheplain janealoneontheplain
18-21, F
Sep 24, 2012