Lost Worlds Forgotten Secrets

I have loved old abandoned places for as long as I can remember and I think it stems from two things about me. My love of history and my love of solitude within nature (lets face it most abandoned places are overgrown with trees or whatever). I find very often that my exploration of old places has actually caused me to learn a lot about the area that I live in and just history in general. For example on a hike through the woods I went down a trail and instantly noticed it start to turn to pavement which got me interested. Before long I had come across the remnants of an old house a "Keep Out" sign that was probably at least 50 years old and the remnants of an old dairy barn (i knew it was a dairy barn by the pipes and stuff coming through it). After I did a little research I found out that it had been an estate farm owned by a prominent local judge and upon his death in the 1950s he donated the estate to the local medical center to be turned into a hospital for helping people with addiction. However it was burned down by arsonists in the 1970s before anything was really done. In the 90s the area was made into a nature preserve. Another fun fact is that the judge was one of the last surviving players of the first organized football game in history (he played for Princeton for you football fans). Since learning all this I have found a total of 9 buildings on the location including the remnants of a barn foundation with a subterranean leval. (and i know there are plenty more). This is just one example of the cool stuff I have found while searching in abandoned places. What's funny is I wonder how many people hike in that preserve but have no idea what a rich history it has.
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have you dug some treasures yet?
it seems like you are enjoying places around there and doings some fun history research :) do what you love to do.. but please be careful.. :) there might be falling debris ( kiddin')