I Don't Know

What makes them attractive to me exactly.
But as long as I can remember I had a love for them.
Whenever I see any sort of abandoned place I want to enter and explore.
When I was little, 8 maybe 9, I lived in an apartment near an abandoned factory.
It was really old and rusty and was surrounded by a swamp which was quite nasty.
I used to have little adventures there with my brother who is no longer with me because of the divorce.
It was a playground for me.
A few years ago, I went back there to find the factory gone and the swamp filled with concrete.
On top of that erected an autoshop.
I was disappointed and sad.

I don't know.
Abandoned places signify solitude which I once faced voluntarily and now somewhat involuntarily.
The place is all mine (not technically but still) when I'm there.
Try standing there for a moment and restrain any movement.
Focus on your breathing.
You can feel the time stops and everything becoming still.
You'll feel free and it's so peaceful.
It's like one of those Bach pieces I used to listen to in high school.
So minimalistic, simple and controlled. But so beautiful.
An abandoned building is exactly like that.
******** of all lively things and the extravaganza of past glories.
What remains is the bare minimum. The existence.
I'd like to explore more in the future when I get the chance.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

It is even more powerful when you are in a place such as this and standing still but than you are launched back into time. You see what it was before it was the shell that you are claiming.

I wish people could be inside my head it is alot like a movie but more I see things from the past, present and future.

I did until my seizures began now it is only photogenic. :(

It is all good I will think it is funny anyways what can I say if you can't beat them join them.

Idk about that ****** up in the head is about right though lol

Hey I love me lol Cheers

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