Old House

I have a thing for abandoned places. I sure do identify with people on here. I have always looked over places like that as long as I can remember. Most houses in my area had been trashed & there was not much to see. However there was an large old house I came across right off a main road & next to a rail road tracks. It was years ago, I was about 11 or 12. Back in the 60's. My friend & I looked it over. We found a stairway leading to a cellar door & it was not locked. We of course went in. The cellar floor was littered with junk, cans, bottles, bycycles & lots of other junk. We went up stairs & the house, other then a thick coat of dust , looked lived in. There was chairs & tables, there was salt & pepper shakers & a butted dish on the kitchen table. Also blankets on the beds. There was a wall safe & I found a stethoscope & tryed to open the safe. Of course I could not. Well all this kind of shook us up, that the place was kind of like lived in, so we left. I don't know why the house was left like that. If I was older I would have looked into that. Some years later the house was torn down. I never did find out what the story was. I explored many other houses in my town, from then on. always had an interest in abanded places. I still do & every chance I get I check something out.

widecross widecross
51-55, M
Jan 9, 2013