Abandoned Hospital

I went to explore an old abandoned hospital today. It was scary but exciting. These buildings always seem to have an eerie, peaceful feel to them, especially in hospitals when it's easy to see what ward belonged to the ill children, etc

I always go so quiet when i'm in the building, as do the people with me. I photograph anything interesting that i see: old toys/shoes/suitcases/medicine bottles/thank you cards/etc

I believe in spirits (on some level) so feel scared to explore but something always draws me in and i love it! 
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3 Responses Feb 2, 2013

I lived fairly near an abandoned mental hospital. It was interesting to visit. There was a certain feeling there that is not anyplace else.

I don't really believe in spirits, but you make this sound really interesting. Keep exploring, but keep telling us all about it. Do you have pictures shared of any of these places?

Coolio! Spent a lot of time exploring some old abandoned industrial complexes many years ago. It really is haunting, isn't it?

I love the one with the Ward 10 sign

Abandoned buildings are definitely interesting, and they do have that odd feeling to them as well, for sure.