Abri Form X Plus = L4

for the last 3 years, the new Abana are the L4/
the L is for the size and the 4 is the old X.
the price is so high, I buy a local brand, 60% more diapers for the same price.

ildiaper ildiaper
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I love the L4's and yes you CAN still get the plastic backed ones ( i just ordered a case) Sure they a bit pricey but they hold so much and you need way less changes that they are actually cheaper in the long run.

for now, I will use the local.
don't forger mailing price to Israel !

true that.. i'm sure that makes a big price increase. In any case, use what you can get that works well for you.

Your right,they have become too dear since they stopped the plastic backed L4,which I prefer and made the Air Plus L4 the only one available and they are dearer than the plastic backed one.

I like them they hold alot would like to get more but your right