Oh Those Girls...

I can't believe this isn't a group already! Has anyone else here found the Joy of the show Absolutely Fabulous??? if you're a fan of great british humour check it out on youtube! and if you love it already tell me some of your favorite abfab moments

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I love AbFab! One of my favorite episodes is where Saffy writes a play about her life experiences and the actors look very much like the actual characters! At first Eddy and Pats are angry, then they take it as a tribute and make friends with their counerparts in the play and the actor playing Patsy is a man! I also love the episode where Eddy gets a visit from Max and Bettina and they've just had a baby. They are so inept but very true to life. I know people like that - lol!

How can you choose? Although Patsy's botoxed lips had me cramping and gasping! X@

One of the many AbFab moments that I like is when Patsy & Eddie go to France and they go wine tasting at a vineyard and get really drunk. In fact, I like that whole episode.

One of the best abfab moments that comes to mind is when Emma "Baby spice" bunton was on the show and told Edina (Jenifer saunders) that she was not about to take advice from someone who's skin was "The color of an old man's Scrotum" a comment on edina's fake tan