Patsy's Mom

One of my favorite scenes has to be when Patsy flashed back to being born born and her mother was in some kind of hippie artist commune...and after giving birth her Mom kept yelling "Cut the cord! Hurry! I feel it stealing my energy!"

I also loved the scene where Saffron was @ University and Eddie couldn't figure out how to use the can she drove down there and walked in on the middle of class to have her open the can for her.

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I have all of series 1-5 on DVD, had them all on VHS at one stage too. I have the movie where Saffy 'gets married', and White Box as well. In fact I probably have everything that came out. LOL.

thanks for joining us Nice guy! Those are both hilarious, I miss this show so much, I saw the whole series on DVD the other day and wished I had the money to buy it lol

Those are funny scenes, yes. I'll have to see which are MY favourites, too many to mention at the moment!