I so love series A football. My favorite is A.C. Siena #21. Who is the favorite for you?
ElisondraRossi ElisondraRossi
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2 Responses Nov 1, 2011

Tell me dear why the soccer pla<x>yers are so soft, without any toughtness almost like females? Kiss sweetie

It is simple my love. They must force the softness upon them selfs so the other athletes will play with them. Otherwise, no other players will play. Haha. All I know, my fottballer is very much man and very tough too. He is dreams for me. He is rough and have me for his soft. What sport is your favorite? Team?

Oh my dear, I don't know. I am more into martial arts or american football as a team sport. But anyway thanks for explanation as I do not follow soccer. Kiss darling !

November 6, watch Siena with Udinese!